Unsettled ...

I cannot seem to settle on anything at the moment.

I hate where I live, I hate certain people, I hate how I feel about certain things and I HATE the fact that I can't do anything about it at this time. I am just a hate smurf right now! I really am dealing with a lot of stuff that I find really hard to talk about ... I wish I could just spill it out, even on my blog, but I still feel censored. And I am not even sure why. I think it is a phase I am going through, well I hope it is. I hate that I just cannot seem to get the simple things right.Why can I not keep a relationship, or why is it the wrong people want me? Why? I must have done something REALLY wrong in another life because I am seriously starting to question what it is exactly that I am doing on this planet? I seem to be existing just to exist. I have a degree in the subject I absolutely love, yet I don't want to persue anything with it. I have a great circle of people in my life. I am finally off many different medications ... I am really doing ok. And yet, I am not satisfied.

I have to still blog about Tasmania which I haven't. All I will say is, it involved someone from my past whose effected my future ... and he doesn't even think he did anything wrong. 

Brand New Platform

I am so sick of wordPress, that I decided to move over to Blogger. My service provider was also becoming annoying with more downtime then online time so I ditched that also. I am not very impressed because I actually had something to say of late. And now, I cannot remember it as well as at the time. Not to worry I am sure if it is important enough it will come back!

So now, I have to find my readers again. Luckily for me we are all literally from the same tree and we comment on a lot of the same readers.

Until next time! be well my bloggermites ...